Ep 001 - The Adventure Begins.


Super Mario Run.

Metal Gear Survive gameplay.

Pokemon co’s chief “We will make games for the NX.”

  • EPIC YARN (23:07)

What do YOU want the NX to be?

De-railed to talk about the Mini NES....... (57:18)

  • TOADS HOUSE (1:04:19)


Ninokinu. Released here on the PlayStation 3, originally came out for the Nintendo DS in japan. These two version contained similar stories, but featured significant artwork and graphical changes. The one that we played was titled Ninokuni – “Wrath of the white witch” The Original DS version had a different name, was it…

A – Ninokuni – Domain of the dreaded djinn   B – Ninokuni – Dominion of the dark djinn

C – Ninokuni – Demise of the destructive djinn   D – Ninokuni – Dominance of the diabolical djinn

Answer: B


I first appeared on Gameboy in 1992 I was to be named Twinkle Popopo but instead was named after an American lawyer. My home planet, popstar was a peaceful and happy place. Until one day a king and his band of thieves stole all the food. It was up to me to run, jump and fly through this 2d world to get the food back. The king would throw every minion he had at me including bomb throwing maniacs, one eyed monsters and even an apple tree. Despite all odds, I would beat King but this would not be the last we would see of him.

Who am I?


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Ricco Harbor (Doo Version) - Super Mario Sunshine

Super Castlevania IV Dance of the Holyman