Ep 004 - It's Pokemon Sun and I'm over the moon

Today’s show we have:

Listener mail


Halloween in pokemon go

Super Mario Maker – Challenge medals

Pre Order Mini Nes

Eurogamer Rumour: Switch has a 6.2’ Capacitive touch screen

Nintendo expects to ship 2 million switches to retailers for release. And will not sell at a loss.

Nintendo announced – A Switch Presentation - JAN 12. Press event in Tokyo. Later US and Europe hands on events

In a financial report, Project Gaint Robot was shown

Make a Mario Lantern – https://play.nintendo.com/activities/downloads/mario-pumpkin-carving-stencil/

Pokemon trailer.

Tweet: Pokemon sun/moon most pre sold game in Nintendo history / most downloaded demo

  • EPIC YARN (52:04)

Pokemon Demo

  • TOADS HOUSE (1:08:31)

NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, ill throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

In Paper Mario For the 64 there are several toads with the last name “T” as in the letter. It is used as a pun, Such as frost “t”. with that knowledge, What one of these 4 toad names is not in paper Mario 64.

A – Vanna T

B – Russ T

C – Tayce T

D – Que T

Answer – D


Pokemon SunMoon - Champion Blue Encounter Music

Splatoon – News

Toads Theme - Luigis Mansion

Cooking with Zess T. - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Music - Book 1