Ep 006 - Mini NES Battle Scars

We survived the Nintendo Classic launch and have recovered enough to tell you our tale. Plus mario run is on the way and we discuss our thoughts on the Miitomo Update.



Mario Run Coming December 15

Nintendo confirms Wii U production is ceasing

Miitomo update is live

Rumoured that the Zelda BOTW won’t be ready for March

Rumour – Switch to be $250

$430 Wii u + Mario kart + smash bros

EPIC YARN (38:57)

Mini NES

TOADS HOUSE (1:08:23)

NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

The original final fantasy for the NES gave birth too many of the series traditions we know and love. Which of these 4 traditions was not in the first final fantasy?

A – AirShips

B – Chocobos

C – Red Mage

D – Warriors of light

Nintendo Minute (You have 1 Minute, to answer 10 quick questions. Say pass to come back to one)

A dog like enemy in Mario is the chain – Chomp

Mario sunshine replaced stars with – Shines

Create your own Mario levels in – Mario Maker

Name 2 koopa kids –

Luigi’s last name is - Mario

Moons give you how many lives in super Mario world – 3

The Final boss of Luigi’s mansion was – King boo

Name 2 water type pokemon

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