Ep 007 - The Switch is in another castle

We decide to get to get down and dirty with some switch rumors, in our new segment "The switch is in another castle". As usual news is followed by a Epic yarn, this time on "Games that need to comeback!". Last of all I see if I can stump Nat in the toads house.

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Thanks for joining me……. This has been super new games, I’m Eric, Stay Super

Show notes and Time Stamps...


The Switch is in another castle.

  • Pokémon Star coming to switch
  • Super Mario Rabbids Rpg Crossover
  • Skyrim, New Mario, Splatoon ready by launch
  • Zelda BOTW Mid-June Release date/ Xenoblade Chronicles X is not being handled by Monolith Soft.

Pokémon Sun/Moon Ships 10 Million units

Pokemons midnight launch

Ditto in Pokémon go

Zelda Rated M in Australia

Lego City Undercover being ported to Nintendo Switch

(52:56) EPIC YARN

Games that need to comeback!

(1:42:44)TOADS HOUSE

NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

The game we know as “Super Mario bros 2” was original called “Doki Doki Panic”. Because of the game not originally going to be a Mario game, it brought a lot of strange new enemies and items to the Mario Table. Which of the following did not originate from Super Mario Bros 2?

A – Pow Blocks

B – Shy Guys

C – Bob-omb

D – Pokies