EP 005 - Paper Mario Color Splash SpoilerCast

This week is our Paper Mario spoiler cast… WAIT!! Don’t go yet. If you don’t want to be spoiled you can still listen to the rest of the episode. Time stamps are below.

After a quick chat of what game we didn’t expect the other to like (6 mins) we move into the news


Animal Crossing Direct - MEOW – Mutual Exchange Of Wealth

Dragon Quest 8 release date 20/01

Miitomo Update
Nintendo is not ceasing production on the Wii U…


Paper Mario Color Splash – SpoilerCast!!


NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

Super Mario World for the super Nintendo had a large amount of levels, some with multiple exits. When you start up the game and select your file, a number was displayed to show you how many exits you had found. What was the maximum number of exits you could find?

A – 95      B – 97      C – 99      D – 96     

STORY MODE (ill read a paragraph as if I am a game character and you guess who I am)

My first appearance in a game was almost 10 years ago. Despite being in multiple game since then I have never had my own game. At a young age, I went an adventure where I met my now adopted family. They help me deal with the loss of my mother and although I still miss her I realise I belong with my new family now. I still pass my home once every hundred years because I get home sick. Last of all, I’m quite tall and have an intimate knowledge of the universe.

Who am I?

Music This week is all Paper Mario Color Splash:

Birdo Theme



Fortune Island

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Thanks for joining me……. This has been super new games, I’m Eric, Stay Super