Ep 010 - Super Mario Run Is Fun

With Mario Run out on IOS we take an in depth look into the game in our Epic Yarn. Before that lets talk news. We learn Yooka Laylee Wii U got game over, Mario Run requires internet to run and it’s time to start cracking eggs in Pokemon Go, Gen 2 is here! Finishing up I try to stump Nat with a Mario Maker Question. Oh, and keep an Ear out at the start for your competition answers.

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Hello and welcome to super new games Ep 010

Pixel pal Competition, winner will be up on the face book page.


Yooka Laylee Making the Switch.

Super Mario Run requires and internet connection to play.

AppleInsider has learned that the title will require 75 megabytes of data per hour of "constant, involved" play after the initial download, and in most cases significantly less.

Nes Mini sells 200k units in the US.

Mario Maker sold through 50% of its initial shipment in japan.

Pokemon Go Starting to get Gen 2.



Mario Run

-World Tour-

Story mode

6 world – 4 levels per world

World don’t have themes,

Easy enough for a child or a challenge for an adult

-Toad Rally-

Looped levels from Tour mode,

Can you challenge friends?

Collect coins, every so many stylish moves you get a blue star, normal stars, stylish moves and pink coins attract toads.

5 toad colors

-Kingdom Builder-

Castle levels up, Toads to level, just cosmetic?

Decoration 12, Buildings, Special 10.

Gift Box

My Nintendo –Rewards/ Missions – Clear worlds, add friends – Play toad rally/win

Friends list – log in to face book, friend codes, Separate friends to Miitomo.

Currency – Toad tickets (play Toad Rally), Toads (level, Buy Buildings), Coins (Buildings)



NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

In Super Mario Maker players receive medals based on how many stars they have been given and in turn can increase the amount of levels they can create. Spiny, Cheep Cheep and blooper are a few examples of medals you could obtain. Which one of these 4 was NOT a medal that could be earnt? 

A – Bowser

B – Peach

C – Luigi

D – Toad

Which one was worth 5000 medals and the top prize?


This has been Super New Games, I’m Eric, Stay Super