Ep 011 - Miyamoto, Back Off

With Miyamoto having Paper Mario under full house arrest, we talk why he should let his "Pikachu evolve" so to say. We also discuss some predictable Switch rumours and Eric goes all Negative Nancy on a couple trailers that dropped. Last of all, Nat doesn't know what hit her in the Toads House Quiz, when Eric lays down some Mario Bro's 3 questions.



Hello and welcome to Super New Games, Your number one place for Nintendo news and entertainment. This is Ep 11. I’m you host Eric Zauch and joining me this week is Natalie Wilson.


Nintendo GPU and CPU clock speeds revealed – Between Wii u and xbox one when docked


Seasons of heaven debut trailer.

Super Mario Run doing well. 40 million downloads in 4 days

There’s No major content plans for super Mario

Dragon Quest 11 Trailer

Paper Mario: Color Splash producer talks about the lack of returning NPCs with game informer. The magazine started out by asking why old NPCs from the early Paper Mario games haven’t returned.

“Mario is not an IP that I created. From the position of someone borrowing the IP, I think it’s only natural to show respect to the person who created it, and let that feeling of respect guide us. When Miyamoto-san, the father of Mario, asks us, ‘Could you make a game with only characters from the Mario family?’ I think it’s only natural for us to give it our best shot. In other words, we are not currently thinking about returning to old NPCs.

Incidentally, I do think Color Splash may have proven that we can still make a game entertaining, even if our original characters don’t appear as NPCs. And with that belief, we will keep on continuing to do our best.”

Game informer pushed there luck a bit further and asked “if they woulkd consider bringing back companions.

“so if we get the chance to continue the series, I think we’ll want to create a Paper Mario with a different system.”

Nintendo Minutes did there GOTY

Next week is our Game Of The Year!


  • NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

Super Mario Bros 3 was the start of a lot of series firsts. It was the first time bowser had red hair. Ir was the first time seeing the Super Leaf and even boos first appeared in this game. Speaking of boos, which of these enemies did not first appear in Super Mario Bros 3?

A – Dry Bones

B – Chain Chomps

C – Koopalings

D – Buzzy Beetles

  • RO SHAM BO – False (3 statements, One false. You guess the false one)

The frog suit will prevent big bertha from eating you.

The angry sun in Mario was original going to be an angry moon until late in development.

Chain chomps can escape there chains.

  • GAME AND LISTEN – (Guess the song played at the end)

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