Ep 008 - Toys to life or death

We talk about a new arcade that has just opened up in Mount Barker. Then we discuss some news and get sidetracked on Toys to Life before we head into an Epic Yarn on a new trailer for Zelda: Breath of the wild that was shown during the game awards. As usual we finish up with a quiz with only one question this week. Sorry, I ran out of time this week but not to worry next week we will be back on track!


We went to a new arcade open in Mount Barker!


Nintendo is having a hands on event on January 14 in Australia (it’s a Saturday) for press only.

Ubisoft made a 30th anniversary video, during the video we saw Mario, Luigi and Toad Rabbit figurines.

Stardew Valley is not coming on the Wii u any more, it’s now coming to the switch.


Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Game Awards Trailer.


NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

In the Nintendo gamecube title “Luigi’s mansion” what does the E in Professor E.Gadd stand for?

A – Elvis

B – Evan

C – Elvin

D – Edward