Ep 012 - Nintendo GOTY Part One

Its a massive week, with so much to cover. Nis and the switch, Dragon Quest 11 Deets and enough switch rumors to fill a 32GB hard drive. We also squeeze 4 of our 8 GOTY categories. Including Box art, NPC, Letdown and Surprise. Next week will be the GOTY. Last of all, some mario sunshine trivia.



NIS are in “proper development” of an un-announced title for the switch.

Details on Dragon Quest 11

The protagonist A young man from the village of Ishi. On the day of his 16th birthday, he learns that he is the reincarnation of the “hero” that once saved the world. He carries of the burden of a major mission as well, and leaves his hometown in order to confront his fate.

Emma A childhood friend of the protagonist who was born on the same day. They both underwent their coming-of-age ceremony together on the day of their 16th birthday.

Camus A blue-haired thief who the protagonist meets on his journey. Although somewhat rude, he has a strong sense of duty and a warm heart. He’s reliable and experienced in the ways of the world and supports the protagonist on his journey.

Dragon Quest XI is set in Lotozetasia. A sacred tree called “The Great Tree of Life” is said to the source of all life in this world.

PlayStation 4 Version On PlayStation 4, flowers, every tree, flowing waterfalls, and monsters are vividly expressed in vast and beautiful fields. The lifestyles of people in the towns are also depicted at their highest.

3DS Version On 3DS, you’ll see “3D Mode” on the top screen and “2D mode” on the bottom screen simultaneously at the start of your adventure. As you progress, you’ll be able to choose the appearance you’d like to continue playing with. By going to a specific place, you’ll be able to switch between 3D and 2D modes.

(even the battles are old school style of graphics)

The switch is in another castle. Laura Kate Dale AMA on Reddit – OBE1plays

Grant Kirkhope is the composer for Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG

Price - everything she's heard points to a starting price of $250 and that she is positive it will be at least below $300

Release - 17th will be the release date for PAL regions and the rest of the world will get it the same week. ( 2 weeks later we got the wii u)

Speaking of Regions – Region free

VC - Laura says that the initial VC will 100% be a disappointment in terms of raw volume of titles. She also says to expect and upgrade fee again. (Only expect three virtual console Gamecube games at launch)

Achievements - Achievement system but she's unaware if it's different from the My Nintendo ones on your smart phone. Also no more friend codes, account system seems to be my Nintendo.

New Mario - the new Mario game will be showed off, named, and playable at the event and will be a day 1 launch game.

New Monolith Soft game - Monolith Soft are working on something new that isn't the XCX Switch port, but the new game has combat similar to XCX's

Console 3 hours max battery. Confident we will get custom joy cons. 1200% sure it’s a touch screen. Record button on the left joycon. Right joycon has IR to act like a touch pointer. The entry bundle for the switch will have 32GB of onboard storage.

Event – will be beefy – expects 30-60 – Still some surprises left. EVERY major event between Jan 12 and Mar 17 will include hands on for the Switch.

Thanks to the FCC we have some confirmed switch news

The battery is non removable

5GH wi-fi (and 2.4)

Supports Micro SD – (no Sim)

Energy efficient – similar to the wii u


Box Art of the year

NPC of the year

Biggest Letdown

Biggest Surprise


NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

Professor E.Gadd is an inventor in the Mario universe, Most known for his creating the Poltergust 3000 and 5000 in Luigi’s Mansion. Though slightly less common knowledge is that he invented FLUDD for Mario sunshine. Speaking of FLUDD what does the first D In FLUDD stand for

A – Dousing

B – Dampening

C – Drizzling

D – Drowning

The full name reads as “Flash Liquidizer Ultra Something Device”

RO SHAM BO – False / True

In the opening cutscene the player can see other islands surrounding Isle Delfino, which are shaped see animals. --- like a sting ray (west), a crab (southwest), a small fish (south), a sea turtle (east), and a jellyfish (northeast

There are actually 2 residents of Isle delfino. The piantas and noki

There are no toads in Mario sunshine apart from toadsworth


Who is Shadow Mario? Bowser JR

Mario no longer collects stars he collects what? Shines

Name 2 fruits in the game?

10 of what color coins could be traded for a shine? Blue

Isle Delfino is shaped like what animal? Dolphin

Why does Mario go to isle Delfino? Vacation

What does bowser Jr call Peach? Mama peach

Who was the boss inside the casino? Boo

In gelato beach, what had to be rolled into the blender? Watermelon

How many coins gives Mario a 1up? 50


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