Ep 013 - Super New GOTY 2016

In this episode we discuss our Game Of The Year, plus our Non Nintendo GOTY, Best Gameplay and Best Art Direction. We kick the show of with a Toads House with “Coins” as the theme. Lastly, it’s the first week of the year so there wasn’t much news but we have one last batch of rumours before the switch event next week.



NINTENDO SELECTS (multiple choice quiz, I’ll throw a question to you and you answer a b c d)

Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 are consider to be TRUE 3d Mario’s to most people. Whether or not that is the case is an argument for another time. In most Mario games 100 coins would earn you an extra life, however three of these 4 games would give you a life for simply collecting 50 coins. Can you tell me witch one of these 4 games required 100 coins for a life?

A – 64

B – Sunshine

C – Galaxy 1

D – Galaxy 2

RO SHAM BO – False / True

Ro - In Super Mario world the “Dragon Coins” actually have a picture of a Koopa on them not Yoshi

Sham - In Luigi’s Mansion Gold Coins are worth the 5000g! The same amount as king boo’s Crown.

Bo - Super Mario 64 was the first game to introduce a coin with a star on them.



The Switch is in another castle

  1. Zelda out in march NA/Japan – Pal regions couple months later.
  2. Beyond good and evil 2 is a 12 month timed switch exclusive
  3. Rabbids RPG is called Rabbids Kingdom Builder, Maybe pushed to September
  4. Mother 3 coming to Switch VC in Q2 2017. Will be announced Jan 12 event.



(18:10) Best Gameplay

(30:17) Best Art Direction

(41:48) Non Nintendo GOTY

(1:11:10)Game of the Year


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